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dozens of pro-russia activists, many in a clash. today the city held visuals to commemorate the dead. at this hour ukraine inches closer to civil war. the military is stepping up its offensive. the conflict is spreading to other parts of the country. paul brennan has the latest from the eastern city of konstantinovka. >> reporter: burning cars and dabry were evidence of what looked like a day of fighting between ukranian soldiers and pro-russian separatists. vehicles and tyres became barricades, set alike to try to keep the government troops at bay. >> there's a lot of victims from both sides, from the civilians and fighters. people who were going to work were insecured jurd. there were a lot of injured and dead. shooting at buildings. >> a stockpile of petrol bombs were at hand. it didn't stop the vaps of vehicles, nor did the angry chants of residents. check points are controlling traffic in and out. >> not all traffic has been halted. after eight days in captivity, a convoy carrying a team of o.s.c. observers made it through. on a road side north of donetsk they embraced freedom w
casualties. russia today, the creme line official tv station is reporting 10 casualties in the operation. no word from the ukranian official side as to casualties from the official side at least. >> thank you very much. brep live in -- paul brennan live in donetsk. >>> russia condemns ukraine over what it calls kiev's criminal use of force after the death of activists in the black sea city of odessa. 31 were killed, more than 100 arrested. the southern port of the odessa is far from where the fighting is taking place in don esque, where paul brennan has been reporting from. hoda abdel-hamid reports. >> reporter: the trade union building was set on fire after a day of clashes between pro-russian and pro-unity demonstrators, carrying the blue and yellow flag of ukraine. the intensity of the smoke sends some jumping for their lives, out of windows of dozens of others died suffocating. the building had been the headquarters of pro-russian protesters for over a month. ukranian police had been deployed earlier in the day. they were unable to restrain either side. >> the clashes underlined the
continue with ian bremer, president and founder of eurasia group. >> we cannot isolate russia. we can push them toward china. it's not in our interest. our coalition on ukraine is canada because they have a large population and elections coming up and japan because they're japan. i like canada and japan, they're great countries, but it's not a goalings. >> charlie: we conclude with ram guha, his book india at the gandhi. >> if someone oppressed you before gandhi, you ask him to treat you like a human being or bash him. gandhi invented an alternative. collective solidarity, express to non-violent action. university, worldwide. the second thing and important thing why i think he's such a great figure is the ability to forge relations between rival religious groups -- hindu, muslim, christian, jew. >> charlie: a look at the world as it is and what it might be when we continue. captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> charlie: jessica mathews is here. she is president of the carnegie endowment for international peace. it is a globa
written and spoken a great deal about the future of india, china, russia and the united states. i sat with him. he is 90 some years old now and i sat with him and his home. he is somewhat frail but he still has an incredibly crisp and sharp mind. in the middle of our discussion i turned to him and i said to him, i said mr. president what is china doing now and literally meaning what is the progress going on? i know president she because i have spent more time with him than any other leader i believe and i think eve knowledges and i was trying to figure out where is china likely to go? he looked at me and he said china is in the united states looking for that barry black talks. this is literally what he said and i quote, looking for the buried black box. i looked at him and i said, i beg your pardon? he speaks perfect english. he looked at me and he said they are looking for the box that contains the secret that allows america to be the only country in the world that is constantly able to renew itself and remake itself to continue to lead the world. i said to him, presumptuous of me, i
attempt by russia to hold a referendum at gunpoint cemented when anchoring the last month which the international community while the project and received independent surveys have shown winning support for him to bite ukraine even the most the russian speaking eastern regions. a poll conducted last month by the international republican institute which included kindly ensure that only fourteen percent increase in support for jones the scene of the country that even to national institute of sociology has published its april two thousand fourteen findings suggest that close to seventy percent of people living in the south east of ukraine cannot support the separation of the country's regions great news for us your team to some prison term in the modern world he says the eu is free to provide economic aid to ukraine in cooperation with the international monetary fund. rowntree says the interim authorities in kiev have taken steps to help like to be made in geneva to embark on economic and political reforms. laundry needs. the forty from an agreement with the imf with it. he knew whe
the law in sufficient production growth the beginning of a colony of main trade partners of africa russia and china. it was a temporary delay for production of such a good deal for me to be the main factors concerning economic growth of the republic experts say. he was the reserve system is expected to continue to produce enough of them was when they're mostly that the federal reserve system without the retrenchment of one hundred people bought houses by another ten billion to forty five siblings. it was international agency downgraded the outlook with a radius of fifteen european banks from stable to negative afford to hire car tops the list includes such bought twenty two features that british barclays which critics who say his german deutsche bank. the decision was taken to the adoption of the planet except the new government from having to rescue troubled banks according to the north of the leaderboard with european regulators will begin to let the pressure if it's edible government support which is now used by banks will reduce the european authorities are taking action to ship cost
agreements signed by ukraine and russia last month. they included stepping which both sides would take to diffuse tensions in southeastern ukraine. at the same time, the foreign ministry has been saying in the last 24 hours, warning that the kiev government was going to take military strikes against, quote, its own people. the upper house of parliament here in moscow, senior members there, have been saying on friday that this proves that the international community has been naive about the kiev government when they believe that they are a democratic bunch of people. they, painting the events in slaviansk and other places as an attempt by the ukrainian military to attack civilians. we know that vladimir putin has sent a spokesman to the southeast of ukraine to try to help with negotiations to get the release of observers from the organization for security and cooperation in europe. we haven't heard about exactly where they are being held or how they are in the last few days. they were seized last week. but it's not clear whether the military operations on friday are going to help or hin
have yet to see a single case brought against russia in the world trade organization. this is the case despite the fact that the administration told congress during consideration of pntr that one of the major benefits of having russia in the wto would be our ability to bring hem to dispute -- bring them to dispute settlement. i'm also disappointed that the president refuses to bring a wto case existence india for its -- against india for its continuing efforts to undermine the u.s. in intellectual property rights. india knows better, and we ought to be forceful about in this, and i think it would help them as well. this failure to act with regard to india exemplifies a pattern within this administration when it comes to enforcing american intellectual property rights. countries around the world are taking note of the president's failure to act in the this area, and this is feeding the perception that they can refuse to protect and even actively violate u.s. intellectual property rights with impunity. finally, i am deeply concerned about the institution. ambassador froman, i appreciate
in the case against the leader jerry adams. ♪ but first russia's president putin criticized ukraine for launching what we calls a punitive operation in the east of the country. kiev says it's blockading the town as part of an antiterrorist operation and ukraine defense ministry say pro-russian separatist shot down two of its helicopters in the region and pro-russia groups are now occupying government offices in several other towns and on wednesday they seized government offices and pro-russia separatists taken over government buildings and captured cancelled buildings and on thursday they took over the prosecutor's office in donsq. we have two correspondents covering the story and we will bet the russia reaction and we will go to eastern ukraine, this is a moving story, jona and bring us up to date with the latest situation report. >> reporter: it is indeed a moving story steve and it began about 4:30 a.m. outside when units of the ukrainian army appeared to launch the next phase in what kiev said was and antiterrorist operation and has been going on for weeks now with the army and
gets a quarter of its gas from russia and half of that that was really news to me have a that passes through ukraine. we remember that in 2009 early in 2009, the pipelines were shut down to ukraine. what was the reason for that again? >> there was a price dispute between -- ukraine had not paid its debt and the russians shut down the gas supply to ukraine first and then for the rest of south eastern europe through ukraine a few days later. >> so that didn't have much of an effect on europe at the time because of the shorter rations because it had a tremendous effect, both 13 days of no gas in the dead of winter, and chip uses gas primarily for eating so the timing was not accidental. >> what did it do come increase the price? i mean, was there a scarcity going to your? >> it lasted 20 days in total, 13 days for most of europe and as a result what it did was drove home the realization of the publicly that europe has in its reliance on russian gas and its need for diversification. because it only lasted 13, the pain was a short-lived. >> does that mean that europe is less dependent on
is down a third. in russia, the micex is down a third as well. china still close because of a two-day holiday. they'll be back on monday. the nikkei slipping down 0.2%. the hang seng up 0.5%. the s&p sx. just take a net on this, 38 treasury yields 3.42% at the moment. we got down to 3.39%. the ten-year has been down to two-month lows, 2.59 was the yield during the session yesterday. we're off those lows at the moment. but maybe a bit of a short squeeze going on in treasury markets. we'll talk about that during the show. on the currency markets, the dollar, cautious again ahead of nonfarm payroll. euro/dollar, 1.36 and dollar/yen 102.46. we keep our eyes on sterling, 1.69. up near a five-week peak. that's where we stand with currencies right now. meanwhile, let's bring you up to speed with the latest in ukraine. reports of casualties in eastern ukraine today after the country's military has launched a large operation to regain control of the town of slovyansk. sources say pro-russian separatists have strengthened their hold on donetsk after taking another government building. prime
of the year contest in russia in nineteen ninety one. she then traveled to italy and began a career in films and as the popular tv host. before stephanie who became famous as a model and actress. she earned an undergraduate degree in moscow studying metal engineering. stir until smooth. since the news the students. i salute you can see it. i know. main character in the series is the river hull. it shapes the landscape. declining an alliance of the people who live on its banks. both rich and four. does anyone who tries to look beneath the surface of things unseen howard said in its history can never be fully understood new issues to people far and it also hides her sleep secrets that one station are just covered by people like ghosts and harry who have eyes to see. eye. sch. the sc the hour. err err. the area model. my dismal politico that he could suffer from. be an adult so perfect it. in a country that has to take attendance in conflict with little or no credit to me because this is only a small number that was a tough decision of this. according to cable. i couldn't have picked the develo
is slipping. as russia's president putin called on kiev to pull its military from the area. >> ifill: plus, the plight of india's domestic workers. many of whom are impoverished, with little in the way of pay or opportunity. >> india has strong trade unions, it has laws that protect the rights of workers, but domestic work isn't covered by them. in fact, in all but a few places, employers aren't required to pay domestic workers the legal minimum wage. >> ifill: those are just some of the stories we're covering on tonight's pbs newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> i've been around long enough to recognize the people who are out there owning it. the ones getting involved, staying engaged. they are not afraid to question the path they're on. because the one question they never want to ask is, "how did i end up here?" i started schwab with those people. people who want to take ownership of their investments, like they do in every other aspect of their lives. >> and by bnsf railway. >> and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, technology, and
, i'm ali velshi, sayonara. rocked by a latests yeah explosion. crisis in ukraine, russia's grip now tied with the east, and the nato leader now calls the emelin an enemy. >> may day demands angry crowds across the globe, choose today to take to the streets. from the ashes how a crack down on the taliban is creating new opportunities for young pakistanis. and the silk solution, new medical possibilities using web fighters fibers from spiders and goats. >> . >> we begin with ex-treatment violence late today, at least dozen people killed in an explosion just outside the capitol. witnesses say a car bomb went off near the check point. no one has claimed responsibility but the armed group has targeted the city before in it's fight against western influence, a rough francelation means western education is forbidden. tonight's attacks come two weeks after suspected boca gunman kidnapped 200 nigerian school girls. >> what we know speaking to the authorities is that there was a vehicle that was apparently layden with explosives that went off not far from a check point that was been manned by
important. our experience with china and korea, and russia, and others make clear that we lose out if to forcegreements go in into. they are able to go offices a will to take to trade enforcement? >> we're happy to talk about further steps we can take. we brought cases against china twice before. we brought the first-ever case on a labor issue. we are continuing to pursue that. an interagency trade enforcement center with great support from the commerce department and other departments. that has allowed us to put together more complex cases and we have ever been able to put together before. people from all over the with country expertise, domain knowledge, able to put together these collocated cases and bring them to have a systemic impact. we are focused and agree with you completely that part of the deal of negotiating new agreement is to make sure we are monitoring and implementing our existing agreements. we are focused on doing that. >> there is no question in my mind that you are stepping up the effort to enforce trade laws. i was pleased with the work your people did on the
news america." ruslanawn with popstar to hear why it is not russia that she opposes but vladimir putin. two religious extremist carried out an attack in china. it killed them and one other person while injuring 79 others. >> rushing to the scene was this latest terrorist attack. authorities say knife wielding attackers slashed passengers. headingthe victims were home ahead of national all the days. this took place as the leaders his firsthe region, as president. he is lying to get tough. this latest attack appears timed to send a defiant message to the country's leader. blast, thehe president says the battle to will not allowm a moment of slight miss. we must take decisive action, he says. second railway station targeted in two months. aina blames separatists for murderous rampage. this lies in the far west. this is the chewing pakistan and afghanistan. many muslims resent what they say is beijing's repression of their religion and culture. dozens died last year in violent attacks. this might be 2000 kilometers away from the capital but it is becoming a major concern for the authoritie
just as the crimean stated some support independence some are pushing to join russia the cr h brought leaders of different nns togheto t figure out a diplomatic solution japanese primeisr shinzo of a myth in berlin with german chancellor uncle a merkel. president bush said the state tv when you reach an agreement to urge russia to play in response to rule in the international community the us and european union have been trying to pressure put on by broadening sanctions against senior russian officials and companies. european borders cannot will not be changed through political and intimidation or military force. we have to be resolute in imposing costs. russian leaders have denied their behind the turmoil in to criticize the sanctions they say they won't retaliate songs yet it was solution to the swiss foreign minister sergei lavrov says they want o give others the opportunity to calm down he seemed far from home on the ground in eastern ukraine as the separatists expand their reach. government troops stay well away manng checkpoints on the outskirts of the occupied region to make ma
an i on putin. russia's his neighbors are wondering if they will be next. -- wel hear lafayette's will hear from lafayette's prime minister. ♪ country's his neighbors are worried about a spillover. peter, she is looking at the u.s. for support. >> she is here she has been here with a meeting with the vice president among others. counting on the u.s. and nato to provide military support should russia take aim beyond ukraine. one of the countries bordering 100% for natural gas. i asked whether she thinks the crisis will be across her country. class ukraine and russia is not ukraine andr of russia relationships. it is a matter of bad news. it is on acceptable in the 21st century for one country to annex a part of another country. i think the ukraine and russia, an issue that is a concern for the world that concerns lafayette and we are alarmed and concerned about what is i think the ukraine and russiah. country's his neighbors are worried about a spillover. qwest what do you think vladimir putin's and goal is here? class probably that is what he would like to do. i think it is yo
possible annexation from russia. a support from former president victor. after months of processing and us. capital. >>: the process think the 15th and mission streets and other construction sites around the city as also known rally for new the members the events will have less access and promote working class citizens and said francisco. there's a may day march 3 this afternoon from two locations from guadalupe church 20 20s antonio they will then meet for raleigh a city hall. subway's leading the fast-food industry into something that is something that's not good acre they are underpaying workers. then been in violation of pay more than 1100 investigations from 2000 to 2014 combining these cases they us from 17,000 franchises in violation. subway has more than 26,000 locations throughout the country that is the most of any fast-food chains. in oakland is 68 degrees 90 is the high for today. will be [doorbell rings] hey. hey. what's this? it's u-verse live tv. with at&t u-verse... you can watch live tv from your device. hey. hey. anywhere in your home. [doorbell rings] hey. hey. so you wo
. >> still ahead, russia says the ukrainian army must leave the southeastern cities. we'll be live in moscow. >> venezuela announced a 30% pay hike on may day. we'll tell you why not everyone's happy about it. >> in brazil, despite recent criticism from a top olympic committee official, brass still says it will be ready for the olympics. >> russian penalty vladimir putin has tolding a america that the ukrainian army must quit the southeast of the country, the kremlin said that putin made the comment in a phone call at the german chancellor thursday. we are joined live from moscow. tough talk from putin there, even as ukraine detains the russian defense attache in key every, likely to exacerbate the situation even further. >> that's right. that detention comes, of course amid a war of words, but not only that, between ukraine and russia, but it wasn't only vladimir putin making demands in that phone call, chancellor merkel would like to see vladimir putin help to obtain the release of foreign monitors held by separatist forces in the east of ukraine. at the same time, russia's foreign ministe
at the ethnic minty that says the government limits their religion and culture. >> russia's military attache detained in kiev as a spy for moscow. the government is helpless against militias taking away government buildings. the military is on full alert for a possible russian invasion. we are in donetsk, eastern ukraine. what can you tell us about the expulsion of this military attache? >> we don't have much details except for what the interim government said in kiev, that he had gone beyond his mandate as a diplomat in this country and carried out duties that looked more like espionage rather than diplomacy. he has been expelled but no deadline given to leave the country. we don't knee if he is still here or actually left. nor have we heard comments from moscow. >> officials said they believe some of the militants in the east are being coordinated and funded by moscow he. are you seeing changes on the ground where you are in donetsk that would suggest a full scale invasion by russian forces is possible or imminent? >> well, the changes we're seeing on the ground are that more and more buil
on suspicion of spying, russia has yet to comment. angela merkel asked president putin in a phone call to help the detained. his response, kiev must withdraw military units from the southeast and launch a national dialogue. theirs monetary fund has approved a $17 billion bail out to ukraine to help the country's struggling finances. we have the first correspondent nick childs with this. >> a march for peace and unity as this crisis continues. this earlier, predawn exercise for cameras and news the kiev authoritys have detained russia's military attache for allegedly spying and told him to leave the country. this may look impressive, but in the east, the security services seem unable or unwilling to control events. the words of alarm and accusation against moscow for ukraine's ministers grows stronger. >> practically we're already at war after what happened in crimea. the activities we now see in eastern ukraine with separatists groups supported by russia, this is war. >> reporter: government buildings in eastern ukraine continue to fall to pro russian separatists. among thebi$j also in one of
didn't want the change of government, wanted to stay with russia and perhaps enjoy cheaper gas from russia, and some financial assistance. i have to stress that this reform that i.m.f. is recommending, they are long overdue. if ukraine is interested in rebalancing the economy, putting it on healthy basis, they have to do it. they have to go through this main of the measures. they may have to. but can they. as i said, they have to. at the same time unfortunately these measures come at the worst time politically. if we take another country where the government is exceptionally popular and there's national unity, the measures could make any government unstable, let alone the ukrainian interim government where parts of the country are not under the control of the central authorities, so the issue of ability, the capability of the central government to carry out the reforms is the big question. we need to see whether they would be able to stick to their commitments taken under 30 april agreement with the i.m.f. >> it's interesting. it's a whole crisis in ukraine sparked by a rejection o
the interim government's tenuous hold on power there. further escalation of tension with russia and unrest in the east. acting president says russian militants have won the east. and security forces were helpless to stop pro-russian separatists. >>> let's take a look at stocks to watch. cardinal heating, $1.01 a share profit. textron with first quarter profits of 31 cents a share. overall profit fell 24% as textron delivered few bell helicopter s and unmanned aircraft systems. yelp lost 4 cents. it sells more mobile ads. avon earned 12 cents a share in the first quarter, nine cents below expectations. revenue below. >>> coming up, we'll talk deals and corporate taxes with roger altman. i have a couple other ones i want to talk to you about. top of the hour, jim paulson and josh feinman. squawk coming right back after this. this. [ grunting ] i'm taking off, but, uh, don't worry. i'm gonna leave the tv on for you. and if anything happens, don't forget about the new xfinity my account app. you can troubleshoot technical issues here. if you make an appointment, you can check out the status he
for today's post number. 100,000, that is how many people from trade unions are marching in russia's red square for mayday. communisthe year the union dissolved. when we come back, we are joined by the ceo of fast future research to talk about whether your job is in danger. tech is taking over. mayday, mayday for the labor market. ♪ >> welcome back. you are watching "the pulse." you are looking at live pictures from athens, the center of greek -- i don't know, demonstration over the last few years. we have seen some major demonstrations. it is made a they are may day they areay celebrating today. we are looking at different stories out of istanbul where we are seeing teargas being used. unemployment, a big focus today. this is the celebration of labor , celebration of workers rights. it is a good day to look at a story that is changing for all of us. the landscape of labor is changing. tech is changing everything around us. let's talk about what happens next. the fast future research ceo is here to join us. how do we need to think about what is going on in our world? the pace of change
react to russia's violation of ukrainian sovereignty. his remarks at the atlantic council in washington are 20 minutes. >> see the respect this group has, mr. vice president? on behalf of fred kemp and the atlantic council, welcome to our family. we have members of the board of directors. we have members of our international advisory council and most important, we have got some serious leaders from europe who are trying to determine their destiny around europe full and free. so over the last day, we have had the pleasure of hearing from many of these leaders. and it really is a distinct honor to conclude this extraordinary and timely conference with remarks by the vice president of the united states joe biden. so it's fitting that vice president biden would conclude our conference because few have done more than you, mr. vice president, to promote and advance vision of a united europe. during his tenure in the senate as chair of the foreign relations committee, then senator biden provided critical bipartisan leadership to the cause of stopping genocide in the balkans and bringing former
. will be anrts important foreign policy tool. many of our friends and allies are forced to buy gas from russia's vladimir putin. imports over 60% of its natural gas from russia top this gives russia on amount -- an immense amount of power. russia has a habit of squeezing its neighbors energy when it wants to effect their actions. the u.s. has the resources to come to their aid. we need the political will. as mentioned previously, this subcommittee is focused on a process for proving natural gas exports. countries with whom we have a free trade agreement -- that export is consistent with public interest. authorization must be granted without delay. for countries with which we do not have a retreat agreement, the natural gas act presumes that. unless the department finds proposed exportation not consistent with public interest. natural gas has been part of a proposed pipeline through canada and mexico since the 1930's. granted the states first permit. the facility is currently under construction in louisiana. it will begin soon. when we had our last hearing on this topic, that was the only facil
with the pro russian militias if you know. i must tell you that russia is not involved in school we often hear that there are special forces their instructors zealand by state that there are neither instructors nor special forces nor troops so ukraine's president is convinced of the opposite and he thinks russia is preparing to invade russia has placed tens of thousands of troops near its border with ukraine. shares of the store. this picture there is a real threat of russia beginning a land war against ukraine. to pray. our armed forces have been put on full military alert each. had she not added that police were unable to reassert control of the areas of eastern ukraine taken over by pro russian separatists and masked men at sea as the administration and police building in yet another town car lift up roy strong sign of key as ineffectiveness came before the referendum announcement when ukraine's acting president admitted that control the ball is logan's scandal in its regions have slipped out of the central government and now in the mask itself a pro russian group has declared an independen
's eastern regions of russia militia activity continues to spread unchallenged the leakage bring you comfort in kiev it's baffling to deal with the police schools last week demoralized and parades and custom plates quite switched allegiances between muscat and the west. it's not the alms to the central square has become the fact of rebel held territory and i got area. authorities meanwhile warring forces did attempt to intervene in tuesday's taken aback by the constant government building against militants building heights with bouts of molotov cocktails several thousand activists stormed the regional state exports has embraced the russian flag the rebels as they continue to control the sixties prosecutions office and stevie cent of the operation in the city gets the prize must be a separate system on the second provincial capital late already controlled much of an apron done yet province where the proclaimed an independent people's republic of the yes but a referendum on secession of late he left as you. gemma child slept like an american has said russia is not a right to the decisions bein
government buildings were taken over. >>> sanctions imposed on russia by the u.s. and the european union because of ukraine are meant to be targeted against those close to president vladimir putin. but the international monetary fund believes the loss of confidence caused by the sanctions is weakening russian's economy. >> reporter: a bad week for the russian economy has just got worse. the international monitor fund says the country is now in recession. >> difficult situation, and especially the uncertainties surrounding the geopolitical situation and [ inaudible ] sanctions and escalation on sanctions are weighing very anying lively on the investment client. >> reporter: they have added new names to the lists of people subject to sanctions. they cited vt putin's failure to rain in separatists in eastern ukraine. russia's central bank says investors moved $64 billion out of the country. but all three though latest amf announcement seem like bad gnus for russia, some people here are suggesting that the figures could be a blessing in disguise. >> translator: it is positive for russia beca
were taken over by pro-russia groups in the east. let's get more now on those elections in iraq. kamal has been keeping a close eye on what has been happening on social media. >> yes. we want to look at what interest might actually be in the united states in these elections. i saw this just a moment ago. and my producer did i should say, this is someone who snapped a picture at their old high school. and this is a queueing system of old school tables with bits of tape in between them, and they have created a queueing system for a polling station there. and this is one of my favorites, the mother on the right-hand side has clearly voted but her two children want to feel like they are part of the election process, and they have the purple on their finger. as i said to laura, we want to talk to the united states here and what level of interest there might be in the elections. i'm going to start with this graphic, and it is really quite brilliant. it shows you this first circle, which is 50, $60 billion. that is the initial estimate of what this war was going to cost. the post war, and wat
luhansk by pro-russian militants tuesday. russia continues to deny accusations it's funding and orchestrating the unrest. >>> coordinators of the search effort for the missing ma lay airlines flight mh370 have dismissed a claim possible plain wreckage was found in the northern bay of bengal. the underwater search is continuing off the australian coach. six weeks of searching have so far failed to find any wreckage at all. >>> a dangerous storm system which earlier killed more than 30 people in the southern united states has now flattened scores of homes, churches and businesses in louisiana and alabama. trees and power lines have been knocked out. meteorologists say the storms have weakened, but tornado watches are still in effect for some isolated areas. >>> there's mounting anger in my je nigeria -- to free more than 230 girls abducted from their school by islamist militants over a fortnight ago. a million woman protest march is being called for by the women's peace and justice organization to demand more resources for securing the girls' release. with me is someone who ru
during the top leaders of context and russia motorists once again confirmed their intention for economic integration for the benefit of all three states. after witnessing the action of austin on moscow and minsk other cis countries became active too for example official hinted on presented an action plan on joining the customs union in the common economic space on tuesday. thus the eurasian economic union may become even wider in the future. i need to learn the top three leading toward integration associations expressed by the president of the extent of lecture at moscow state university can be achieved by cooperation say russian experts a conference investment of cooperation and industry cooperation between kazakhstan and russia within the framework of the recent economic space was held in moscow. that is consistently one probable aspects of investment activity between the two countries and prospects for functioning of the tree eurasian economic union. and when i get to him of course we support the position of the president of kazakhstan has all come to mind regarding the actual operati
. >>> basketball responds to the life ban given to l.a. clippers owner donald sterling. . >> russia accused the west of revising cold war tactics after new sanctions were imposed over the ukrainian crisis. 15 more people were added to the list of russian officials, facing asset freedss and travel -- friezes and travel bands. >> the chief of the international monetary funds megs to moscow says russia's economy is falling into recession. antonio says the country experienced two quarters of negative growth which is likely to continue. he had sanctions against russia over the ukrainian crisis. to further damage the economy. >> let's spoke to the correspondent. it's a bleak picture painted by the i.m.f. >> it certainly is. the i.m.f. chief in moscow said, as you explained, he believes russia's economy is in recession because there has been two quarters of negative growth. the prediction for this year was 1.3% growth, they are saying the economy will grow by 0.2%. i think that's a worrying statistic for many economists. further to that the i.m.f. mission chief says that there'll be $100 billion i
by russian troops massed on the border. they warned the threat of russia starting a war is, as they put it, real. russia denies accusations. >>> the mothers of around 200 nigerian schoolgirls abducted two weeks ago have been holding a protest march in the capital, abuja. they're frustrated about a lack of action from the authorities. the girls were taken from their boarding school in the northeastern state of borno by militants. some reports are they've been sold into marriage in neighboring cameroon. protests are expected after schools close later today. i asked bbc africa news editor for the latest on the whereabouts. >> yesterday the nigerian military released a statement which said they were taking seriously a lot of information that's been coming out. which basically means that they have no idea either where the girls are. we've heard that they may have crossed the border into cameroon and, as they say, sold off into marriage. we've not been able to confirm that. we've also heard they've been taken to the border with chad. it's obviously indicates the girls have been split up. the lon
's give you a little more of your headlines at this hour. we start with sanctions against russia. certainly not slowing the violence in ukraine. hundreds of rebels stormed the government buildings. separatists raised their flag. they fired on police. this aggression comes in the face of new sanctions from the u.s. and european union which don't seem to be slowing the russians down. >>> amanda knox fighting back against a new report by an italian appeals court explaining their conviction by blaming knox for fatally stabbing her british roommate over a fight about mon money. she says the new claims are unsupported by evidence or logic since her dna was not foundnd i meredith kurcher's room. she was convicted again when italy's highest court ordered new appeals trial. >>> minimum wage taking center stage today in washington. president obama fresh off his week long asia trip will push for an increase from $7.25 to $10.10. democrats appear to be making this an election year issue while conceding they probably don't have the votes. a long shot procedural vote is needed today. no republ
russia. oil -- likeg, like all of the oil companies, interests in russia. they have a plant in the far east where they have partnered up with gazprom. they went to russia 12 days ago to meet with president putin and say it is really important to us, that plans. we would like to up capacity there by 50%. he got president putin's endorsement for that. that is good for shell. late last night, resident putin saying that if they ratchet up sanctions against russia, there are no need for any retaliatory measures just yet. russia may eventually have to re-examine, as he put it, cooperation with western energy projects. that will give all of the oil companies pause and it is something mr. van burden will be asked about today when he talks to investors. >> give us an update about shell and the ukraine. >> they really cannot beat this geopolitical situation in the ukraine. they were talking to the central government about developing gas in the east of the company -- of the country, exactly where the separatists in ukraine are now operating. there, lateright yesterday, we had pro russia militias
that a take over by u.s. company will mean job losses for the french. >>> russia has accused the west of reviving cold war tactics. on tuesday the you european union added 15 more people on the list of russian and ukrainian officials facing asset freezes and travel bands. washington announced a new set of sanctions. president obama said he would not impose more sanctions. >> eastern ukraine - gunman opened fire as they took control of more buildings. pro-russian able to visits stormed the headquarters for police and luhansk. barnaby phillips reports from the city of donetsk. gungun. >> reporter: the pro-russian crowd forced their way into the government building in liuhansk they seemed incapable or unwilling to take on the crowds. they refused to hand their weapons over. then they were escorted away. the crowd revelled in their victory. they took over more buildings in the town. later pro-russian gunmen opened fire in an attack on the police station. so pro-russian groups extend their control. they want to hold a referendum in early may. in order for the vote to be credible they need
.s. officials say every day there is growing evidence that russia is putting together the unrest, even as russian officials want to repeatedly deny it. >> they want to assert that the people moving in military formation to take over buildings and then bring the local separatists in to occupy the building while they move on to another building, they assert that these people are merely local activists. as we have made clear, those kinds of claims are absurd. they defy any common sense. >> with moscow continuing to brush off american and european economic sanctions, republican and democratic lawmakers continue to urge stronger action. including accepting repeated requests from ukrainian leaders for lethal military aid. in washington today, i asked senator john mccain what that support would look like. >> you send weapons now. what kind of weapons specifically? >> look, they don't even have body armor or night vision capability. if it is all they're asking for weapons, i would give them aenlt anti-armor weapons, as well and set up a long-term assistance program. it is a morale thing with t
in russia in nineteen ninety one. she then traveled to italy and began a career in films and as the popular tv host. before stepping into became famous as the model and actress. she earned an undergraduate degree in moscow study metal engineering. stir until smooth. since the new students. the distance. it's winter conditions. i mean character in the series is the river hull. it shakes the landscape. the client and why do people live on it speaks both rich and four. he tries to look beneath the surface of things unseen it's just that its history can never be fully understood bush was too far it also hides her seat. jason are just covered by people like franco sneering to have eyes to see. i was the show cheese and. wtf the program is brought you by. norway's mainstream crucial supplies the group. exploring one thousand miles of norwegian coastline the report local encounters. jackson is smoking something. talk about cheese sauce coming up as the new licences list of russian officials under sanctions
an independent state. ukraine and the u.s. blame russia for stirring up unrest here and helping the insurgents, and there are many people here who agree. they want a unified ukraine, resent russian interference and are making their voices heard. we met a pro government activist delivering razor wire to a national guard base in donetsk. the nearby base was attacked by separatist and he told us the troops here are nervous. could there be a civil war here? >> when they sent russian troops in ukraine. without russian russian army, we will not have a civil war. >> reporter: russia denies any involvement in the insurgency here and instead blames the u.s. for backing ukraine's government and causing the unrest. norah. >> all right, holly, thank you. >>> it is 7:19. ahead on "cbs this morning" we're there as a neighbor rescues a ,, >>> the offshore winds kicking into the gear overnight. looks like the hot wave has begun. in fact today these temperatures really going to soar starting out a little cool in the 40s and the 50s but beautiful out there right now to the coastline. going to be warm to hot by
. on the list is the current director of russia's intelligence agency, and valerie, the first deputy minister of defense and the army general in charge of the deployment of russian troops along the ukrainian border. >>> the new list announced by brussels includes 15 individuals, 9 of whom are russian. some of them are political like the deputy chair of the lower house of parliament here in russia who was instrumental in starting legislation to inkorea grate the crimea region into the russian federation. others are military, like russia's deputy defense minister and chief of the armed services. they said brussels is doing the bidding of washington with unfriendly gestures. the deputy foreign minister said it is a repeat of 1949 when the west imposed what he calls an iron curtain on the soviet union and other nations. the ministry has said it is ready to respond, but won't rush its response. commentators have generally said it's clear both the eu and us are holding back and not going as far as they could. basically they are going after people linked to vladimir putin not after the big firms the
a protest at the end of the demonstration for the docket ukraine and russia drive test detected much that is the pits with cops and sticks straight out of twelve casualties on in hospital the divine the condition that affects every other casualties receive appropriate medical into the ultimate home. action include the support of the pontifical club met with difficult people. i keep it together with the disciplines of the vocal during my time than now with about five thousand. what point it appeared in donetsk region the police and tell consul located but to fight us. i don't know when people with weapons seized the police town department. nobody visits to the terrorists during the daytime on people constructed barricades in front of the building of executive committee and in the official stop and direct call the box they did not declare any good marks on the fact that it is a force not just for the so called referendum planned for the eleventh of may the screenings the center of confrontation. the topping up of john of these has already started. but as he presses persona credited by
. in 2010, north korea shelled a south korean island, leaving four dead. >> russia's biggest trading partner announcing bigger sanctions because of the ukraine crisis, e.u. saying there are tarts. the u.s. imposed sanctions against seven top russian officials linked to russian president vladimir putin. the u.s. saying it will freeze their assets and ban them from obtaining american visas. in ukraine, the division between those in favor of russia and those for a united ukraine are getting deeper. ukraine's parliament meeting in kiev over ongoing tensions in the eastern cities. we are in donetsk, ukraine. what is the reaction on the streets? do they think sanctions will change the reality on the ground? >> at the moment, there is not much reaction. i think it's irrelevant to what this region is going through at the moment. you won't see direct impact and many people don't understand what sanctions mean and how will it change what's happening here. yesterday with all impunity, gunman, the usual ones with their faces covered seized another local building. then there was these riots here in the c
remarks. ♪ the eu released a new list of 15 names of russia and ukrainians imposing sanctions on and targets politician and military leaders. one of the names on the list is the current director of russia's foreign intelligence agency, giu. some of the others are. and russia's deputy prime minister who over saw criteria into russia after it was annexed and valarie, the first deputy minister of defense and army general in charge of the deployment of russian troops along the ukrainian border. across in moscow and we are joined live from there, and putin himself with talks got close to him and why are these particular men being targeted? >> reporter: well, laura, first of all we should point out unlike the list released on monday including companies and individuals the eu list is putting a travel pan and asset freeze on individuals only. now some of those as you were listing are key military officials and some of them linked to the de-facto annexation of crimea including a member of the duma, russian parliament responsible for starting legislation to integrate crimea into russian
near a seven-year high, despite what's going on in ukraine. the cac current is up 0.4%. in russia, up 1.2% as well. more on that in a second. earnings higher today. nokia leading the european indices after unveiling plans to return more than $3 billion to shareholders in buy backs and extra dividends. the stock today up nearly 8%. this is despite a slip in the company's first quarter revenue. although investors also appear to be welcoming the firm's new ceo. good moves higher from deutsche bank, up 2.6%. it also announced a bond issue to increase the strength of its balance sheet. no news about a capital hike. we did get more announcements today on the methodology for the european banking association's stress test which are coming out for the eu today. it will include fx an a spike higher in sovereign bond yield as well. we're focused on bp, the stock up not quite a percent in london. the oil giant saying earnings at its russian partner, rosneft, have been hit by a weaker ruble. that firm's ceo has been hit by u.s. sanctions. talking about the sanctions being announced by the u.s. and t
's stay with russia. the west has hit russia with a fresh round of sanctions. 'sd includes vladimir putin allies. >> we spoke about the impact of russian sanctions on business. >> for the moment, we are investigating the significance of the sanctions and coming back to practical implications. bp has a lot of exposure to russia. in profitst a drop today. there is a list of stories today that are making headlines. about the we knew people close to vladimir putin would be on this list. it is just him and it has a role bp.ct on >> and puts them in a pickle. largest 20% of russia's oil producer. the corporate entity has not been sanctioned and the ceo has. if you are bob dudley, you have a 20% stake and a seat on the board. -- as a u.s. in citizen, can you go to the board meeting or not? we heard them say they would have to investigate the sanctions a little more carefully and that is what we already heard from bp and i suspect we will hear that from bob dudley later in the day. one thing i will point out is that there are two lists. he is sanctioned in the united states. in the unit
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